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A customer journey map illustrates the steps your customer will go through with your business starting with just ‘checking you out’ and leading to (hopefully) many happy returns.

Why does mapping your customer journey matter?

How can creating a customer journey map help enhance your Customer Experience?

Will looking at your customer journey make you more money?

Customer Journey Map: Why it Matters

Creating your customer journey map helps you to take a hard look at your business from the customer’s point of view. All too often we get stuck in the weeds working on messaging, training, and doing the work IN our business, that we don’t take the time to analyze our business from the customer’s point of view.

It matters so very much to look at business through your customer’s eyes.

At each point along your customer’s journey they’re having an experience with your business.

  • Is the experience they’re having the one you WANT them to have?
  • Is their experience positive, negative, worth talking about, worth returning for?

At each point along your customer’s journey they’re having an experience with your business. Do you know what it is? Is it the experience you WANT them to have?

Samantha Irwin

Small Business Champion, Kaizen Coaching, LLC

Customer Journey Map: Enhancing your Customer Experience


When you take a look at your customer journey map you can more easily break down the steps that customers take when:

  • Deciding whether or not to do business with us (awareness and consideration)
  • Entering into your business (what’s their first impression?)
  • Interacting with staff (make it or break it!)
  • Enjoying your product or service
  • Heading out the door (what’s your retention strategy?)

Customers are having an experience at every touchpoint in their journey with your business.

Just the other day I went to a drive-up window to get my mom a coffee.

What was being communicated to me about the cleanliness of the shop by the gross dead flies stuck in the window that I saw as I was parked?

(This couldn’t be seen from the inside because of shelving but was IN YOUR FACE in the drive up. There was nothing else to look at!).

Photo: jin yeong kim

    When you break down these touchpoints, or steps, you can start working on enhancing and curating their experience every step of the way.


    Customer Journey Map: Making Your Business More Money

    There are a couple touchpoints in the customer journey that need attention in most businesses. With just some consistent, simple tweaks businesses could save thousands of dollars in lost revenue each month.

    A big economic loss for businesses is in the realm of employee turnover.

    The costs associated with turnover are not just limited to the time it takes for finding new people and on-boarding them. As a result of high turnover, thousands are also lost in both customer retention and daily ticket sales.

    When we can make just a few tweaks to our employee training, supporting and teaching them about their importance, our employee retention improves.

    When employee retention improves customers are having a more consistent experience at your business. (Think of Cheers!).

    Repeat customers were also found to spend 67% more than new customers.

    BIA/Kelsey Survey

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