What traits make up Excellent Customer Service experiences that help our businesses grow? We all want growth. We want purposeful, manageable, profitable, steady, growth.

Running a growing business can pull you in many directions, so how can you focus the limited time you have to make the most impact?

  • Knowing your top 20+ customers – Yes
  • Excellent Listening Skills – Yes
  • Going above and beyond what is expected – Yes
  • Being prompt and timely – Yes

When I posed the question: “Please list four traits of good customer service” to business owners, the response shocked me. Only one person wrote “a smile”.

When you walk into your friends home for dinner, what’s the first thing they do? They smile at you! (I HOPE. HA!)

Smiling is a universal language that communicates: You are welcomed.

Smiling Man

Tip #1:
Train your employees to do two things.

  1. Smile
  2. Greet

The Case for Smiling
Think about when you see a relative or friend you have not seen for a very long time. There’s genuine JOY in seeing that person. Most likely your eyes light up, you smile big, and run over for a giant bear hug. Even if you’re more reserved and are not a “smiling” type person, there’s still a faint grin, some squishing of the eyes, and maybe a hearty pat on the back.

THIS is genuine and, if you’re on the receiving end of this behavior, you cannot help but feel welcomed, wanted, and loved.

Copy what works! Train your employees to make eye contact and smile.

On the phone?
Still can make eye contact and smile.

With another customer?
Still can make eye contact and smile.

In the middle of a project?
Yup. Still can make eye contact and smile.

This is SO simple yet many, many places miss the boat.

Why Would You Want a Standard Greeting?
What suits your business? Good morning? Good Afternoon? Howdy? Hello? Thank you for coming in, how may I help you? Yo? Decide what greeting fits your business and train staff to USE it.

A standard greeting creates a uniform, consistent, predictable customer service experience.

Have your employees do this to the point that it’s second nature. This means practicing with fellow employees. It will hurt nothing. It will only help.

Jim is just coming  on shift and before arriving to the workplace this happened: Jim’s child, Jaxen, was having a tantrum, his dog barfed up the food that was to be Jaxen’s breakfast, his coffee spilled on the front of his shirt, and some jerk driver cut him off and stole the best parking spot.

A grouchy mood results. (To put it mildly.)

When Jim is greeted with a smile and “good morning!” he’s thinking  “what’s good about it?”. However, is mood began to shift because of the gracious welcome and the kindness.

Win win. Jim is potentially every customer that walks through your door.

The adage, “practice makes perfect” is true. At your next staff meeting, lay out the scenario above, maybe have your staff participate in finding a Standard Greeting, then practice, practice, practice that greeting with a smile.

Your customers will notice the improvement in service.

Your employees, and your bottom line, will thank you!


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