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Creating a culture in the workplace that is both inspiring internally and externally is ongoing. It can be exhausting as an owner to create quality training that invests in staff so that they feel valued and have the tools to independently create amazing customer service experiences.

I know from experience, (and from stats), that investing in staff training helps employees to feel valued. Feeling valued is key to keeping staff happy, engaged, and productive at work!

When our staff are happy, skilled, and inspired by what they do this translates right into excellent customer service. Customers become loyal fans, spend more money, and give great referrals.

Achieving these results is not happenstance, it comes with an investment of both time and money.

As a business owner time can be in short supply! I’ve been there. This is the purpose for Creating a Culture Deck. Time to support, train, and inspire staff is tight. Creating content to support, train, and inspire staff . . . exhausting.

This deck provides small and medium business owners with a powerful resource to educate, inspire, and train staff which makes them feel more valued. This always translates to increased profit and decreased stress.

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 6

Creating a Culture Deck is a digital product that makes a leaders life easier.

  • Take content creation out of owner’s hands
  • Raise awareness of the impact and influence staff have
  • Educate about the financial impact of positive customer experiences
  • Empower people with both knowledge and skills.
  • Create focused conversation and communication among staff

You can purchase your own digital Creating a Culture Deck by clicking HERE.

Create a Culture YouTube Support

There is also a YouTube video series that starts the conversation with staff. Every week, 52 weeks a year you’ll get the jump-start needed to create a culture at your business that makes it THE place to work and THE place to shop!

Below is the transcription for the Creating a Culture Deck Week 6. To watch or listen just click the video below!

Video Transcript

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 6

Here we are at my very good friend Kate. Thank you for joining me!

You’re welcome. I’m excited.

I, literally, my tech for last person didn’t work and I’m like, “Oh who would be great to ask this week’s question?” I’m like, “My neighbor Kate! She’s amazing. And she is!” And she said okay. So she really doesn’t know what she’s getting into.

I’m a little skeptical.

A little skeptical. So, I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for doing this. It is going to be perfect because, um, just because I know what this week’s question is. And so I’m pretty excited to have total noob here.


Culture Deck – Benefits for Small Business

Welcome this is week six in our Creating a Culture deck series. 52 weeks we’re showing up and we are investing in our people.

So, the Creating a Culture Deck, like I explained to Kate, is, um, 52 weeks of content that is meant to be used for staff meetings that invests in people.

So, an easy focus quote or statistic for the week, and then followed by uh, I made the discussion prompts for you.

So it’s like spoon feeding. Wrrrp wrrrp.


Guest Introduction

Right there. All right, you ready?

I’m ready.

I should tell you people who you are! Oh yeah! Kate, as you know, my neighbor, who has a fabulous dog scout, and she’s a freaking smart woman. Um she works. .

I fool her.

She’s ,she’s really really smart. Tell me your official title.

My official title is Natural Area Manager for Columbia Land Trust.

Okay. And keeps people in line, and coordinates people.

And mostly try to take care of nature while I’m doing that, but there’s a lot of people who get involved.

Yeah, a lot. So she deals with a lot of bureaucracy; she’s super smart, she’s amazing. She’s just amazing. And she has an amazing cute little dog.

Yeah, she’s the best.

She’s pretty cute, she’s pretty cute. All right, so let’s get started.


Creating a Culture Deck Week 6 Quote

I’m going to show you the week’s quote and then I’ll ask you the question.


All you have to do is answer. It’s easy!

All right. I hope I have an answer.

She’s nervous, I can tell, that’s okay!

Creating a Culture Deck Week 6 Discussion

So, if you look at these two pictures comparing the first and second pictures, which face would you want to see when you walk into business? I mean it’s kind of obvious right?


Because which one would you rather see when you walk into a business?

Of course the smiling guy!

Why is that?

That’s an easy question!

Why is that Kate?

There’s something good going on in this place. Yeah. So I’d want to be there.

It’s kind of a no-brainer isn’t it? Right?


What About This Do Leaders NOT Understand?

When you look at it, I’m always surprised at how many times when I show this, and I do this during a workshop, when I’ll flip, I’ll put a whole bunch of these on and I’ll flip them, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man like this, or if it’s a woman or a child. People are often always surprised by the difference that just the smile makes. Because, what’s the first guy saying to you?

Ugh, yeah you don’t really want to get close to him.

Yeah and the second one obviously is. . . yeah, that’s different.

Yeah, and really I mean there’s something that happens in our brains when we see a smile, we want to smile. We have these mirror neurons that make that happen. There’s like, this is a studied thing, which is really cool. Yeah. So, yeah what we what we put out there makes a big difference.

Yep. Often people don’t do this naturally when we walk into stores. A lot of the times I walk in and I see this.

People just looking at me, like… Yeah. Yeah, yeah you feel like something’s wrong for sure.

Like wait, they don’t want me to be here? Okay I’ll leave.

Right. NOT really what we want as a first impression. So what?

So, I mean, it seems so obvious, like, you look at somebody smiling and you’re like, of course I like that better. And, you know, it’s just like an easy question, you’d think. . . But, it’s amazing that some people just wouldn’t even, without some kind of training or prompting, wouldn’t even think of doing that themself. It’s just, takes a little bit of encouragement sometimes.

Yeah, and training. I did NOT pay her to say that. Because it’s one of the things that I teach. Is about the need to train that very skill. Yeah. I did not pay her I swear!

It, yeah, it seems true though. I mean, I think especially when you’ve walked into those stores, because you were just telling me like, you’ve walked into a place and you see that person just with a blank stare, and it makes you just want to leave again like, uh, something’s wrong here.


Is This a Younger Generation Problem?

And I feel like that’s sometimes in younger folks too. And that, I think might just be they weren’t trained that that’s part of doing their job is creating that welcoming feeling. Yeah.

So. Non-verbal communication, yeah, skill. Yep. Yep.

See, I told you she was super smart. Good job. All right. Thank you. Thanks so much.

You’re welcome.

All right?

All right.

See you next week. That’s it babe. That’s it.

Got me to smile.

Woooow. How about that? A-plus. Yeah.


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