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Creating a culture in the workplace that is both inspiring internally and externally is ongoing. It can be exhausting as an owner to create quality training that invests in staff so that they feel valued and have the tools to independently create amazing customer service experiences.

I know from experience, (and from stats), that investing in staff training helps employees to feel valued. Feeling valued is key to keeping staff happy, engaged, and productive at work!

When our staff are happy, skilled, and inspired by what they do this translates right into excellent customer service. Customers become loyal fans, spend more money, and give great referrals.

Achieving these results is not happenstance, it comes with an investment of both time and money.

As a business owner time can be in short supply! I’ve been there. This is the purpose for Creating a Culture Deck. Time to support, train, and inspire staff is tight. Creating content to support, train, and inspire staff . . . exhausting.

This deck provides small and medium business owners with a powerful resource to educate, inspire, and train staff which makes them feel more valued and allows them to give even better service.

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 4

Creating a Culture Deck is a digital product that makes a leaders life easier.

  • Take content creation out of owner’s hands
  • Raise awareness of the impact and influence staff have
  • Educate about the financial impact of positive customer experiences
  • Empower people with both knowledge and skills.
  • Create focused conversation and communication among staff

You can purchase your own digital Creating a Culture Deck by clicking HERE.

Create a Culture YouTube Support

There is also a YouTube video series that starts the conversation with staff. Every week, 52 weeks a year you’ll get the jump-start needed to create a culture at your business that makes it THE place to work and THE place to shop!

Below is the transcription for the Creating a Culture Deck Week 4. To watch or listen just click the video below!

Video Transcript

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 4

Recording in progress. Hey, thanks for joining! Welcome. This is week four. Week four in our series of creating a company culture that values people.

And this week I have my friend who is, uh, owns a med spa in Oregon. And she is going to be the person who’s going to talk with me about the, the Deck question. She doesn’t know the question yet! Um, so she, she said she’s game. So, here’s this week’s quote.

“80% of companies say that they deliver superior customer service. 8% of people think these same companies deliver superior customer service.”

That’s a little bit of a discrepancy, right?

That’s a total disconnect.

Yeah, total disconnect.

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 4 – Discussion Question

So, the question so we can raise awareness about this, so, it’s two parts, um it’s, it’s,

tell me about, or let’s talk about the last business that you went into that you think had superior service.

And if you can’t think of any… then I have a follow-up question. Yeah.

I think, when I think of superior customer experience or customer service… (pregnant pause).

Isn’t that sad, that we can’t like, immediately think of something?

Yeah, yeah.

So, when that’s the case, the follow-up question that I have for this is,

choose your last experience that you had somewhere and think, okay, how, without saying names of places, but maybe a quick, what was the experience? And then how could they have made it superior.

It could even be, like, did you just go to a coffee shop, or that could be an easy one, or a grocery, or out to eat, or what was the last thing you did with other people face to face?

Hot and Cold Customer Experience at the Pet Store

Yeah, well you know, I mean this is, yeah, um, I, I think about um, a situation where I order my – we have two dogs – so they go through, they’re big dogs, and so they go through dog food very quickly. And so, there’s a business in town that I can um, order my dog food online. And, which is super convenient for me. So I can order it online; they give me a discount which is always nice, so I order two bags. And then they email and text me when my order is ready. Um, and that’s all great, and it’s super convenient and awesome for me.

But, um, there have been a couple of times that I’ve had to go into the store and get the dog food. And that’s where I think then this, the experience, like totally drops off.

Like, I had one girl, they have like um, you know, kind of a storage cabinet where they have all the online orders. And she pretty much just like, opened it up, and just walked away.

And I’m like, ‘You know what? Uh I could have gone back and just pulled it off the shelf.” Um. Oh. So you know, that sort of thing, and honestly I would have been a little bit more forgiving had they been really busy, like if she would have a line of customers at the checkout. I’d have been like, okay you know, you’re busy, I get it, we’re all running short staffed you know, with Covid. But that wasn’t the case you know, there you go.


Customer Service Starts with Training the Trifecta

And, and you know again, and this is something that you know you’re, you preach a lot, but just greeting people with a smile and, and those basic fundamental human things, totally missed the mark.

But then I’ve had other occasions where I’ve called to let them know you know, I’m here to pick up my order, and you know someone runs out, and they greet me, and they put it in the back of my car. So it’s real hot and cold. Like, it’s either great or it’s not.

Customer Experience Win for the Lady in Heels

That would have been superior customer service, wouldn’t it? You know they…

Sure, I mean they’re like big bags of dog food; I’m in my high heels. I really don’t want to schlep two bags of dog food out to my car.

Yes! And you can’t tell because you’re sitting down, but I’m five eight or nine or something, and you’re not. You’re shorter. So yeah, two giant big bags of dog food – that would have been a way to really help solidify that relationship. That’s a great example; I appreciate it.

Maybe they can, maybe they’ll see this video and then they’ll start to get your order and take it out to the car. That’s a huge deal, it makes a big difference.

And just looking at your customer and thinking, ‘huh, two giant bags of dog food, a woman that’s petite and in high heels… hmm.’

Yeah, yeah. That’s a good example I love it. Thank you very much.


Affordable Small Business Support

Well, if you are interested in getting your own Deck with your own quote cards you can, I will link to it in the notes below, where you can get your own Creating a Culture deck.

And the purpose of this is a weekly support to help owners and leaders, really invest in their team on a consistent basis so you don’t have this hot and cold experience.

Maybe just like my friend Erika had where somebody might get it somebody doesn’t. This way we can get everybody to GET IT. So, I really appreciate you showing up. Thanks a lot.

Oh, my pleasure! Thank you for having me.

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