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Creating a culture in the workplace that is both inspiring internally and externally is ongoing. It can be exhausting as an owner to create quality training that invests in staff so that they feel valued and have the tools to independently create amazing customer service experiences.

We know from experience, (and from stats), that investing in staff training helps employees to feel valued where they work. Feeling valued is key to keeping staff happy, engaged, and productive at work!

When our staff are happy, skilled, and inspired by what they do this translates right on out to customers. Customers become loyal fans, spend more money, and give great referrals.

Having these results is not happenstance, it comes with an investment of both time and money. As a business owner time can be in short supply! However, there are tools to plug right into business that cultivate a company culture that values and invests in your people.

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 3

Creating a Culture Deck is a digital product that does just that.

  • Take content creation out of owner’s hands
  • Raise awareness of the impact and influence staff have
  • Educate about the financial impact of positive customer experiences
  • Empower people with both knowledge and skills.
  • Create focused conversation and communication among staff

You can purchase your own digital Creating a Culture Deck by clicking HERE.

Create a Culture YouTube Support

There is also a YouTube video series that starts the conversation with staff. Every week, 52 weeks a year you’ll get the jump-start needed to create a culture at your business that makes it THE place to work and THE place to shop!

Below is the transcription for the Creating a Culture Deck Week 3. To watch or listen just click the video below!

Video Transcript

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 3

Hey hey welcome back! This is week three in our 52 week series of Creating a Culture. This week’s quote is from Maya Angelou and it reads:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 3 – Discussion Question

This really relates to last week’s quote too doesn’t it? Now, the question for this week this week’s quote is, “What’s one positive experience you had that made an impression on you?”

My Small Business Example – Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe

My positive experience actually happened at a coffee shop bakery in Astoria called the Blue Scorcher.

I did a video interview with this gal and I’ll link to it in the notes, so you can check it out. But the experience was amazing, it was positive because, well, it was right on the heels of something that was really not very positive.

The first gal that greeted me when I walked in really really, oh my gosh, I did not feel like I was valued. I did not feel like she even wanted me there. I felt like I was an annoyance; like she couldn’t just wait to help me and then get on with whatever she was wanting to do. That was an encounter I had with her, the first gal, I came up and then I didn’t know what I wanted, or they didn’t have what I wanted, so I backed up.

Customer Experience – Fixing the Bumpy Start

Anyway, then Caitlin came up. And she was different. She was amazing. She looked me in the eye, made me feel amazing. She greeted me. She smiled at me even under her mask. And then when I asked for, told her what I was looking for, she actually made a suggestion because she knew what they had, that they weren’t out of. It was really great. And it was particularly positive, because like I said, it was on the heels of something that wasn’t very good. She was excited that I was there, she made my day better just by being in her presence.

And, from a business owner’s perspective, one of the other things she did was she asked me if I’d liked avocado on my breakfast taco. It was an extra add-on. I wasn’t even thinking about it. But because she was so enthusiastic and so welcoming, and she said that the avocados were really good, I said sure. So it was a ticket up-sell.

It was a really positive experience. One that actually led me to leave a review as a customer. And even make a video! So, that’s my positive experience. What is yours?

Affordable Small Business Support

Now, if you’re curious about what is this video series all about, these 52 videos around this Creating a Culture deck, you can check out the deck in the link below. You’re welcome to join us at any time. These videos are free.

If you would like your very own deck that you can use to print the beautiful card for inspiration for the week, you can print it, post it, put it in Slack, put it in an email, put it at the register, put it on the cleaning cart, put it wherever – all over the place because that’s the purpose.

It comes with 52 cards plus a few bonus. And also 52, plus a few bonus, discussion prompts. Now the Culture Deck, Creating a Culture Deck, is all about investing in staff, and having those staff members and your team really understand how valuable they are to your business. Valuable not only to the financial success of your business, but to that customer that’s right in front of them.

That customer experience that only they have a huge influence about. This is particularly poignant in videos two and three, last week and this week, because so much of customer experience, customer loyalty, customer service, customer success, it’s about how people feel.

So, this video series, plus the Deck that you can purchase below, is all about that. Creating a culture that values your employees, invests in them, invests in their success, AND helps them to give great customer service experiences, which of course grow your business, and allow you to not be there all the time.

So check out the link below you can get your very own Deck and definitely share it! Thanks a lot. Have a great week.

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