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Creating a Culture Deck – Week 1

by | Jan 10, 2022

Creating a culture in the workplace that is both inspiring internally and externally is ongoing. It can be exhausting as an owner to create quality training that invests in staff so that they feel valued and have the tools to independently create amazing customer service experiences.

We know from experience, (and from stats), that investing in staff training helps employees to feel valued where they work. Feeling valued is key to keeping staff happy, engaged, and productive at work!

When our staff are happy, skilled, and inspired by what they do this translates right on out to customers. Customers become loyal fans, spend more money, and give great referrals.

Having these results is not happenstance, it comes with an investment of both time and money. As a business owner time can be in short supply! However, there are tools to plug right into business that cultivate a company culture that values and invests in your people.

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 1

Creating a Culture Deck is a digital product that does just that.

  • Take content creation out of owner’s hands
  • Raise awareness of the impact and influence staff have
  • Educate about the financial impact of positive customer experiences
  • Empower people with both knowledge and skills.
  • Create focused conversation and communication among staff

You can purchase your own digital Creating a Culture Deck by clicking HERE.

Create a Culture YouTube Support

There is also a YouTube video series that starts the conversation with staff. Every week, 52 weeks a year you’ll get the jump-start needed to create a culture at your business that makes it THE place to work and THE place to shop!

Below is the transcription for the Creating a Culture Deck Week 1. To watch or listen just click the video below!

Video Transcript

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 1

Well hello there and thank you for joining me. This is week one in our 52-week series utilizing the Creating a Culture Deck.

If you are unfamiliar with that or just joining me for the first time, welcome. Let me give you a very hearty welcome! I will put the link here in the video that you can check out the video Creating a Culture Deck Intro and it will tell you what this is all about.

So, today’s card and our Creating a Culture Deck says,

Doing the Right Thing

And our discussion question for that quote, for week one, is “When is the last time you saw someone ‘doing the right thing’ even when they thought no one was watching?”

Alright that’s the question! So, when is it that you saw someone doing the right thing even when they thought no one else was watching?

Now I do realize that this question does make us a bit voyeuristic, but that’s not what I’m going for. So, if you haven’t really observed someone you can completely just think, ‘did I do something’ and ‘what was it’?

Doing the Right Thing When No One is Watching

That’s where I had to go first. But then I got to thinking a little more. I opened up my fridge yesterday and my husband had cut up all the grapefruit and he put this cute little note, (like I’d forget how to bake it), he put a cute little note up on the pan, because he knew that I had a very short window I could get this ready for my mom.

It had the baking instructions on it, it was so sweet and it made me smile. It actually made my day! I didn’t have to think about it. It was just a little extra something that he did that made my day brighter.

How about you? When’s the last time you saw somebody doing the right thing even when they thought no one was watching? Maybe it’s yourself.

Heck, going on a walk and picking up garbage, that totally counts! So, if that’s you, share it! I will see you next week for week two in our Creating a Culture in your workplace. Basically a culture of you being amazing. Alright, take care!

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