Download: 15 Fun Hiring Strategies to Attract GREAT People!

Download: 15 Fun Hiring Strategies to Attract GREAT People!

Congratulations You Screwed Up! Fix Mistakes the RIGHT Way


If there is one thing that gets my tail feathers in a ruffle is, after being inconvenienced, there’s no thank you, no acknowledgement of the time wasted, no extra anything to smooth things out so that I will continue to love and frequent the business. 

There’s a proper way to fix the f-ups

 I was trying to order online from a local-ish shop. LOVE their mission, how they give back to the community, that it’s a mother daughter team (women owned), AND the product is deeeee-lish. Such a treat!

There were issues with ordering multiple items. This was new; I’ve never had a problem ordering more than one item before.

 After I put one item in my cart it immediately checked me out. MAJOR glitch!

 So, I reached out via email.

Troubleshooting Help – Whose Working to Fix the Mistake?

What happened next was a back and forth over MANY days with a very nice customer service rep with me sharing loom videos, screen shares, even jumping on the phone

She was passing the information to the tech ‘powers that be’ then reaching back out and I was testing for her.

I’m their customer, not staff.

Honest moment. I WAS thinking along the lines of,

“I wonder what she’s going to add something fun to my order as a thank you!” 

After all, I wasn’t being paid to troubleshoot for them, I was a customer who was donating her work time to help out.

She even asked me about what I did so knew the value of the Customer Experience.

Anticipation & Excitement!

When I opened my order what did I find?

Absolutely NOTHING special.

I would have been happy with a sample, heck, even a personal note. Instead – crickets. 

Instead I felt irritated that all that time to help fix THEIR issue was not acknowledged or appreciated.

There have been, and will be, plenty of mistakes made by you, me, staff, humans. And THAT’S OK.

However, not correctly knowing how to fix mistakes leads to devastating consequences in the form of bad reviews, a terrible reputation in the marketplace, disgruntled customers, or the ultimate worst-case scenario: Closed Doors.


Recovering from mistakes well is a sure-fire way to not only do the right thing, but swing the entire experience to the other side of the spectrum: From dissatisfied to delighted evangelists. Yes please!

Training and support for staff also increases retention and improves performance!

Front line customer facing staff are critical for business growth and success. Creating a culture where staff are supported and taught skills to deliver consistently exceptional Customer Experiences demonstrates that they’re valued as professionals, as people who make a difference.

They step up because they can. They step up because they love making a positive difference. Everyone benefits.

As always, I’m here to support you and would love to hear how business is going for you.

Reach out by emailing Samantha@Kaizen.Zone

(Fixing mistakes to turn the customer from disgruntled to singing your praises is taught using three steps in the final module of the Power of People Academy. The learning module is titled, “Congratulations You Screwed Up!” – cheeky title, yes?).

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