When patrons consistently have great Customer Experiences at your business this translates directly to your growth. Financial health is always a business goal, but businesses don’t draw customers by stating, “come buy from us so we can make money”.

Poor service by employees always damages company profits

Businesses who focus on consistently delivering great Customer Experiences are the ones rewarded with growth, stellar customer reviews, and recommendations! There are 7 practices that deliver great Customer Experiences that your business can implement today. Keep on reading!

Great Customer Experiences from Employees practically guarantee business growth

“66% of consumers who switched brands did so because of poor service.”

Esteban Kolsky – CEO thinkJar

One would think that the strategies below are common sense, but they are far from it. Employees, managers, and owners, need to be taught how to provide amazing experiences for customers. It’s a tough gig but when done well the results are phenomenal!

“70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.”


7 Steps to Deliver Great Customer Experiences

  1. Know Your Stuff
    Know your product inside and out. ONLY then are you able to concentrate on the customer. Try the food you serve or services you provide so you can recommend your favorite. Don’t have a favorite? Fake it! Find out what is most popular with your customers and recommend that.
  2. Know How to Do the Processes
    Learn that POS (Point of Sale) system so well that you could check someone out (or in if you’re a hotel) with your eyes closed. Only when you REALLY know the system are you then able to focus on the person in front of you and pick up on customer cues. Are they looking impatient, hot, thirsty, hungry, haggard, etc.? (see #2)
  3. Be Observant
    Take note of the people standing in front of you. If they’re struggling with the door, or taking items to their table, jump in to help them. Take a moment simply to notice them.
  4. Learn About Your Customers
    Greet people by name. Know their likes and dislikes. This is the ultimate in joy for a customer – you feel like an old friend! You’ll then be better able to recommend a new product they may enjoy.
  5. Smile
    It’s really that simple. Smile at people! Look at them when they enter, smile, and give a greeting. Do this every. Single. Time. People have a need to feel recognized, especially in this digital age where many people are on their phones walking down the street and in the check-out line at the grocer. Be different. Be the place where people go and feel like their presence matters.
  6. Thank Your Guests
    A simple ‘thank you for choosing us’ speaks volumes. Attitude of Gratitude. Yes, some customers might not be your favorite. Personalities clash. However, always remember that the person standing in front of you is choosing your establishment. They’re choosing your place to spend their dollars. Their dollars are paying wages, power bills, and helping to keep the doors open.
  7. Exceed Expectations
    Mistakes will happen. You’ll mess up an order. How will you fix it? Put yourself in their situation, reverse the role. Ask yourself, “what would I WANT to happen in this situation to make this satisfactory?”. Then ask yourself, “what would need to happen to turn this situation around so much so that I would post a raving review about it?”. Then do BOTH!

Employees are motivated by your business story

Creating Customer Loyalty

The key to creating customer loyalty is getting them to experience something special, by ‘wow-ing’ them enough to make them want to shout your name from the rooftops.

Consistently delivering, implementing, and practicing these seven strategies for delivering great Customer Experiences will separate your business from the competition.

Samantha Irwin, a business coach and consultant with a passion for small business owners to succeed by serving their customer extremely well.

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