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3 Strategies to Increase Sales

Knowing what to look for when hiring and then investing in staff training is a strategic move that significantly impacts customer retention and daily ticket sales. Applying these strategies will increase sales for your business!

1) Hire Personality

People have “it” or they don’t. Find people who have the gift of hospitality and then build on that gift with training and support.

2) Customer Service Training

Train your staff to greet customers with a smile and eye contact. Making customers FEEL welcomed sets the stage for excellent customer interactions. Happy customers linger and buy more. Equip your team with the skills to navigate customer inquiries, resolve issues promptly, and leave a positive lasting impression. It pays in spades.

Do Weekly Meetings Make You Cringe?

Would you like to effortlessly have meaningful conversations with staff that move the needle on business growth and staff retention?

There’s a tool created just for you!

Creating a Culture Deck contains a year’s worth of weekly education and conversation cards to support your staff in giving excellent customer experiences.

3) Product Knowledge

Product knowledge gives your staff confidence, enabling them to make personalized recommendations. Asking questions of customers (being a bit curious) will help staff to up-sell, offer suggestions to customers, and definitely enhances the overall experience for your customer.

Increasing Sales, Increasing Customer Satisfaction

I went to Eco laundry this week to pop in a quilt that was too big for my washer. It had been a while since visiting a laundromat and I think the gal could tell I was a deer in the headlights.

She greeted me right away when I walked in, thinking I was dropping off laundry. When she realized I was going to ‘self serve’ and needed laundry soap she directed me where to purchase. I thought I could throw all on a credit card but she said it was coin operated. I looked in my wallet and had zero cash.

When I had a pregnant pause, thinking to myself – (do I have time to run home and grab soap, do I have my debit card in the car?) – she motioned to her gigantic bottle and offered me some soap. I gladly accepted!

While it seems like a small and maybe insignificant interaction, if I were looking to hire someone in my business that interacts face to face with customers, she would DEFINITELY be on my radar. Why?

  1. She looked at me and greeted me right away when I walked in (#1 and #2 above).
  2. She stopped her task to do #1. Thank you very much!
  3. She recognized my conundrum and decided to fix it for me.
  4. She read me like a book, realizing she needed to show me which washer was appropriate for my quilt (#3 above!).
  5. Bonus: After a bit of persistence on my part, she caved and told me she likes milk chocolate. I was going to bring her a thank you for her kindness!

I had one interaction with her and she checks the boxes. If I were looking to hire, I would want to explore possibilities, taking the next step.

Increase Your Business Profitability

A well-hired and well-trained team is powerful asset, driving growth and success in a competitive market. Investing in staff training not only enhances the customer experience but also directly impacts customer retention and daily ticket sales. (Plus a happy customer might bring your staff a chocolate treat!)

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