On-Boarding (Clients OR Employees)

Do you have an effective training system to use with your employees? Have you created a duplicatable system that will allow your vision to be correctly translated, transmitted, and trained to your new hires?

Has your business grown to the point where you cannot be the one training and on-boarding every new hire?

Do you struggle with making sure each new client receives the information they need during their relationship with you? Are you spending unnecessary brain power trying to remember or look up what you’ve given to them?

When clients (or employees), are at different points in their relationship with you, do you struggle to make sure you’ve not dropped the communication ball?

I feel like I’ve been lead to the Holy Grail.

The solution came from a business meeting with Pete Happy, owner of Pro Shine WindowWashing.

I love connecting with entrepreneurs that are constantly on the move, learning, growing, questioning, sharing, and refining. It’s so energizing! Pete is a fireball. (I actually wonder if he sleeps.)

When I saw what Pete uses to walk his employees through training, I was hooked. He combines the written word (policies, checklists, goals, etc.) with video training, and person to person training.

When we can hit multiple learning styles, whether with clients or employees, our message has much more of an opportunity to stick.

Most people are visual learners, however, and most teaching is done auditorily. This is not the most effective way to produce results quickly.

People learn by seeing, hearing, and doing.

Pete is incorporating all three by using Trello.

For new hires he has laid out a clear path for them to get to the next pay level. There are skills they need to master at every level; employees must demonstrate proficiency in order to advance. There are checklists, so the employee knows what is needed to learn, and links to videos so they can ‘self-teach’ a portion of their training.

I love the video aspect of this training. When Pete shoots the training videos, he’s communicating not just how to do the task, but the philosophy of his company. He’s not just talking about service and professionalism, he’s showing it in the video.

If he wanted, he could even include customer testimonials for employees to watch, thus using third party credibility to reinforce the items he’s trying to teach!

I’m signing up for my free account today and starting to play. Let me know if you do too!


Let me know if you sign up for Trello OR what you use instead!

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