Communities Creating Connection Fighting COVID

Right now, what’s inspiring and motivating me? The connections that are happening in our communities while fighting the COVID virus. Incredibly moving and inspiring.

The closing of businesses along with the messaging that I see on the windows is both heart-breaking and heart-warming. The strength, solidarity, and support that our businesses are showing to their communities with the sacrifices that they are making is incredibly moving.

It simply reinforces the fact that businesses (the people who own, and employees who help run) are the backbones of our communities. They have an incredible place and important role that help us to connect to one another.

No bones about it. Shuttering businesses right now just sucks. Period. So many reasons.

At the same time businesses are closing their doors for safety, I am seeing such amazing innovation and creativity being born out of necessity.

Creating Connections in our Community

Businesses are coming up with some incredible ways to still serve their customers and stay connected to customers and to community. Even in this darkness it’s incredibly exciting to see. The creativity that is being born is exciting and hopeful.

Businesses stepping up to create community connection
Communities Creating Connections Amidst COVID Fight

As communities deal with the fallout from the COVID virus, individuals and businesses are coming together (metaphorically), to support one another and fight this “invisible threat”; to protect one another. People from all political views and walks of life are contributing in different ways to their communities.

I’ve seen businesses, non-profits, individuals, and churches, at the heart and soul of many of these movements. They’re offering up, using their skills, resources, assets, and even buildings, for the good of the community. For this I am grateful, inspired, and proud.

This is what connection looks like.

Businesses connecting with their communities while bracing for COVID infections.
Businesses Loving on their Communities

This is what community looks like and feels like when it’s at its best.

When we are on the other side of this fight, I hope we remember, hold onto, and continue to ride the wave of connection and support of one another that we are seeing now.

Samantha works with businesses helping owners to ‘tame the overwhelm’. She conducts workshops and trainings in hospitality, customer experience, and creating a culture in the workplace that inspires and motivates employees and customers!

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