Hiring: Step Three

Now that you’ve brainstormed a list of ‘jobs’, decided what to hire for, Step One, and created the job description, Step Two, done some interviewing and hired, now what to do with this person to help them (and your business) be successful?

It’s time to step in and do some training!

Did you know that it takes, on average, seven repetitions, to learn something. SEVEN! Geez.

Surprised!? Yes, sometimes learning happens faster, but sometimes, slower.


Knowing this, have patience with your new hires, build in repetition training to support success in the workplace.

People also learn in different ways. Your new hire will have a learning style that’s dominant. S/he might be a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner.

The more learning styles you can hit while training, the faster the learning will happen and the more successful everyone will be.

Let’s Get Started

1) My Goodness, Write it Down

You’ve got to do the brain dump here and yes, it will take some of your time, but do it now. You’ll be creating a document that you (and your staff) can add to later. Taking the time to create this now will save you scads of time down the road.

Write down your company philosophy/vision/mission statement – whatever you want to call it.

At the top of any job description, your website, employee training manuals, etc. this should be at the forefront. Think of it as eye contact and a handshake. You’re making a first impression here. Be thoughtful, direct, and very transparent about your vision/company. You know what this is, you need to continually communicate it to your team. Otherwise, only you end up knowing it, believing it, and running towards it.

Spell out your expectations.

Do you have:

  • Dress Code?
  • Staff Meeting Schedule?
  • Training Dates?
  • Expectations for Vacation or Sick Notification?
  • Schedule or Shift Requests?
  • Standard Greeting?
  • Skill Progression Roadmap?
  • Pay Progression?

This can definitely feel overwhelming but here’s a way to get you out of procrastination mode. Just vomit on the paper. (You read correctly; I wrote vomit.) Don’t edit.

Pretend like it’s your first day on the job. Mentally walk into your business and the first workday. What do you need to know? Write down the answers to that question. You’ll be well on your way to creating this training guide.

Why do we need to write it down? We walk new staff through things on their first day of their job anyway. Won’t they get it?

Maybe yes, maybe no. (see above – 7 repetitions and learning styles).

It’s your responsibility as the owner to set people up to be successful. By setting employees up for success, you’re setting your business up for success. You don’t want to leave your business growth and reputation up to chance, just hoping it will work out, do you? No.

Here’s a powerful personal story to show you why it’s vitally important.
Blog Post: Let’s Not Join These Statistics

Here is t how one successful business owner is streamlining his on-boarding and training.
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2) Video Training

Who doesn’t love video? You’ve probably gotten sucked into YouTube a time or two. I know I have. Video is powerful. Utilize it in your training regime; it mixes things up and hits more learning styles.

We used a super cheesy video training that, at the time, was put out by Travel Oregon. I couldn’t believe how much it helped my staff feel supported. They’d pseudo imitate the ‘characters’ in the video to break the tension or have discussions. It really worked!

3) Guided and Independent Practice

Definitely walk your new hire through the training and processes, also have them independently practice. Yes, this can be dubbed role play. Like it or not it works. It’s a ‘must do’ for initial training and ongoing training.

Sports teams practice. They practice A LOT before the game. Adopting the same philosophy for staff will help ensure they’re ready and prepared to perform when they’re on their own. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Do you feel yourself shifting in philosophy and believing/understanding why so much prep should be involved with staff? I love the sports analogy. It fits perfectly.


Email me your list or your results! My desire is to see how this exercise helped. info@kaizen.zone

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