Hiring: Part Two

Now that you’ve got your highlighted list from last week, let’s look at the items you did not highlight. These can be the first areas you are ready to hire for.

But wait.

I sense some reluctance. Are you finding yourself dismissing this exercise? Are you thinking:

“gosh, these things really don’t take a lot of my time”

“I want/need it done a specific way and I might as well do it myself”

Let’s look at some real-life examples.

One of my clients really enjoys working the sales counter. She loves the interaction with customers but is struggling to have enough time to get all her tasks done because her business is growing.

When she began her business, yes, she needed to do many of the “front of the house” tasks. She loved the interaction with the customer! But, as she grows, the business needs are pulling her elsewhere.

While she LOVES front of the house and working the sales counter, she has reached a point where she has to ask herself:

  • “Could someone else be doing this?”
  • “Is this working ON my business or IN my business?”
  • “Could my time be more effectively spent elsewhere bringing in business?”

For her, working the sales counter was working IN her business, not ON it.

Maybe it’s a small bit of clean up that you do each day, restocking, organizing, cooking, bill paying, or bookkeeping.

You justify thinking:

“It doesn’t take me that much time.” Or,

“I want it done a certain way and no one else will do it like I want/as good as I do it.”

I worked with a business who used the last quote often.  We soon parted ways. Why?

Because when an owner cannot give up control of some things they WILL burn out.

You cannot be an effective leader if you tightly control every detail.

You’ll get an ulcer. This particular business owner had the same complaints over and over, each time we spoke. However, he wouldn’t give up control and hire/delegate. It was a frustrating cycle he would not get out of. Not my cup of tea.

Convinced to let go? I hope so! Let’s move on to the next step.

How the heck do you hire for this job?

First – Define what the job looks like.

  • What are the responsibilities, hours, pay, growth opportunities?
  • What are the skills needed for the job?

The more you define what the job looks like and the skills needed, the more you’ll increase the likelihood of hiring someone with those skills.

  • Use your Job Description to give as much information as possible about the position. Use the format for the other positions you’ll be hiring for. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time (nor should you).
  • The Job Description can, and should, have some information about your business. This is where you can share your passion and purpose. People will, or won’t, align with it. Use it as a weeding tool.

Let tech and documents work for you. They can work 24/7. They’re never sick. They don’t complain, and man, they are consistent.

 Before people call or email you for an interview or application they should be “self-gleaning” and weed themselves out of the possible hiring pool if they don’t fit your needs (and visa versa)

By the time an applicant sits in front of you for a face to face interview they should be a pretty close fit.

Your time is valuable. Interviews should not be the first interaction for an applicant.

  1. Post your ad.
  2. Send or have a downloadable PDF Job Description and application on your site.
  3. Have the applicant send a resume along with the application to you.

Let people self-weed.

You can look through the applications and then contact people for interviews.

Look! You’re on your way to communicating your vision to your new employee.

This Job Description might be a person’s first impression of you and your business so be sure to present yourself well. It’s a reflection of you. It attracts people who are like minded.

When growing your team, fill it with like-minded, supportive, enthusiastic individuals! Your customers will thank you.

Next week: Next steps in hiring. Training.


Email me your list or your results! My desire is to see how this exercise helped. info@kaizen.zone

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