Story Time: Truth

True Story:

Visiting with a friend the other day who decided to go to Dutch Bros to check out their coffee. So many of his clients rave about it that he wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

“Immediately when I drove up, I got it. There’s music playing, staff running out to get my order, it was like a party.

I left happy. But, thing is, my coffee wasn’t good. It was pretty bad actually.”

He knows good coffee, he’s a connoisseur of sorts.

We talked about this phenomenon and it boiled down to reinforce the power of Customer Experience. People can be very forgiving when they feel like you enjoy them, you care about them, and you’re genuinely happy to see and serve them. It covers a multitude of sins.

  • Your customer will come back if you’ve flopped that cup of coffee order – IF they feel valued, appreciated, welcomed, and leave happy.

  • Your customer will go to the competition if you’ve flopped that cup of coffee order AND are hum drum.

The goal, of course, is excellence in both product and service.

The reality is that sometimes we fall short on product.

Sometimes we fall short on service.



Service can trump mediocre product, it does not work the other way around.

Service is powerful.

How much time do you spend perfecting your product?

How much time do you spend training Customer Service?

Which area would you guess needs more attention and intentional training?

Stuck on how to train staff to provide excellent Customer Experience? It’s involved. It takes time. It’s worth it.

Maximize your businesses success. Take the proverbial ‘bull by the horns’ and start tackling the staff training.

Hug Your Customers book is an oldie but a goodie. Get it for your resource library.

Need/want more than the printed page? I’m just an email or phone call away.

Make it a great week!

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