Most Effective Marketing

Is your marketing planned and purposeful? Or is it random and scattered? Do you find yourself posting on social media whenever the wind blows? When someone calls to solicit advertising or donations from you, do you have a reason for agreeing or declining? What is your litmus test? Marketing, if…

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Story Time: Truth

True Story: Visiting with a friend the other day who decided to go to Dutch Bros to check out their coffee. So many of his clients rave about it that he wanted to see what the fuss was all about. “Immediately when I drove up, I got it. There’s music…

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Hiring: Step Three

Now that you’ve brainstormed a list of ‘jobs’, decided what to hire for, Step One, and created the job description, Step Two, done some interviewing and hired, now what to do with this person to help them (and your business) be successful? It’s time to step in and do some…

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5 Entrepreneurial Myths

You’re looking at your friend and their business. Everything seems so shiny and wonderful! You are contemplating starting your own gig. What’s it really like behind the scenes? Here are a few myths – debunked for you. Build it and they will come. Meh, sort of. Yes, you need to…

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Setting the Table – Danny Meyer

Just finished reading: Setting the Table: the transforming power of hospitality in business by Danny Meyer. Many, many things resonate with me and align with my belief about the vital importance of hospitality. There was a particular word that stood out, jumped off the page actually, that I immediately worked…

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Handling Mistakes Like a Boss

We’ll all make them. If you’re in business long enough, stretching and growing, you’ll have multiple opportunities to fix mistakes. Mistakes: I affectionately called them “growth opportunities”. When we were early on in our business growth, I will never forget some words from a guest. They stung. They formed the…

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