Most Effective Marketing

Is your marketing planned and purposeful? Or is it random and scattered? Do you find yourself posting on social media whenever the wind blows? When someone calls to solicit advertising or donations from you, do you have a reason for agreeing or declining? What is your litmus test? Marketing, if…

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Productivity and Goal Setting

Goal setting and productivity: How they go hand in hand! It’s SO easy to become distracted and loose productivity without even being aware! I am constantly fighting it. Browser windows open, cell phone on, waiting for something to load so I pop over and open another screen (admittedly it’s probably…

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Goal Setting – Intentionally Plan for Success

Goal setting. Usually we think of this happening the first of the year. However, I think there’s no better time than the present! Whether you’re getting a head start on your goal setting, working to push through the end of the year, or helping your staff with goal setting, let’s…

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Hiring Seasonal Staff

I read recently in my Oregon Stater magazine about an organization at the University that works to impress upon students the importance of gaining skills wherever they are. They were hearing students comment flippantly about their coffee shop jobs (and the like). Comments about their jobs were that they were…

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What are Your Employees Doing??

Do your employees know what their purpose is? Do they know what their job is when someone walks through the door? If they think it’s selling a scone or ringing me up at the cash register they are missing the boat; they haven’t been properly trained. Front-line customer service is…

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Are You Using Your Website as a Crutch?

Online tools like your website (or Instagram, Pinterest, FB, etc.) are amazing! They work for you 24/7. It’s a waste of resources if we don’t use them to their fullest measure. They helps make our lives easier and allows our customer to obtain the information they want, when they want…

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