Going Above and Beyond – Example From the Tow Man

How do you nab great reviews? What’s a sure fire way to grow your business? How can small (or large for that matter) businesses get the competitive advantage?

All of the fabulous (and expensive) newspaper, magazine, radio advertising, your FaceBook posts, Instagram and Pinterest Pictures, tweets, etc. will fall flat unless you have a person interacting with your customers that’s skilled and trained in customer service. You might as well be burning money for firewood and roasting marshmallows if you spend scads on media but ignore training your staff.

In the end, your customers remember the interactions they have with your staff.

People remember, and talk about, how you make them feel.

While backing out of an interesting driveway in the dark, after a great dinner with friends, my hubs fashioned my Subaru into a teeter totter vehicle. The hosts warned all of us about the tricky end to the driveway, even told us about others who had succumbed. It was as if we were moths to the flame. . .

Yay for AAA and the towing company! I wrote a letter to the owner of Rivers Edge Towing. Here is the body of that letter.

On Monday, June 5th, your employee, Bernie, came to our assistance. There were a couple items of note that I wanted to point out and bring to your attention.

  1. He came in a clean vehicle. It was freshly washed and clean on the inside. This communicated to me non-verbally that Rivers Edge would also take care of my car (whether it was old or new).
  2. He picked me up! When I called AAA they said that the towing co. would NOT pick me up. I was wondering how to get myself from HR to Underwood where my car was located. Super thankful you do a “pick up and drop off” service.
  3. Bernie opened my door for me. Classy and reflects very well on your company. Again, this little detail, while it may seem insignificant communicates to me, the customer, that little things are important and details matter.
  4. Lastly, Bernie called the owner (possibly you?) to ask for help when my car’s situation stumped him. He readily admitted that this was out of his area of expertise and wanted to call the master (he probably used some other word but I do remember him waxing effusive about how good you were at these predicaments). I was very impressed with this because I’m not sure everyone would admit they were unsure. To me, this was VERY reassuring! I appreciate so much when someone is confident enough in themselves to admit they need help, know where to find help, and then get help. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing my car was going to me damaged minimally and was not going to be the experiment of some over testosterone insecure person that resorted to brute force.

Thanks bunches from the teeter totter Subaru.

How many items above relate directly to the extrication of my car? Only #4. 1-3 really had nothing to do with getting my car UN-stuck. However, 1-3 (4 too) communicated very important things about the business to me. Non verbal communication, politeness, care, and attention to detail made an impression.

Yes, I called for the service, not a clean vehicle and chauffeur.Was Bernie an anomaly or did his employer have training and procedures?

It pays for an owner to make sure excellent customer experiences  are not ‘one-offs’ but instead a consistent part of business.

Your customer purchases, books a room, or hires you for your product or service. How can you communicate your companies values to your customer when you extricate your product or service?


Bakery – I want a scone.
Bakery Values – Quality Product, Consistently Yummy.
Remove the product (scone).


How does our customer, understand/feel/know our values, quality and consistency, when in our bakery?

  • Am I greeting the same every time? (consistency)
  • Does each staff greet me? (consistency)
  • Is the table where I sit clean? (consistency)
  • Is the furniture nice and well kept? (quality)
  • Is the dish space clean and well stocked? (consistency, quality)
  • Is the bathroom clean? (you get the idea)

I think this shit is so FUN. Have your staff do the above activity with you! I guarantee they’ll come up with some great insights, feel like a valued team member, and your business will ‘up your game’.

Disclaimer: (I guarantee it unless you’re the type of leader that squelches other people’s ideas. If you don’t consistently ask, engage, and encourage team members to be thinkers and contributors then I guarantee nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.)

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