Using the Power of Story

What a difference people can make!

We’re still traveling and again I am reminded of the power of people, the power of a story to sell and create an experience.

We stayed in Cortona Italy for a week, enjoyed the town for a few days, and visited surrounding hill towns other days, using Cortona as a jumping off point. I highly recommend.

In Cortona, there is a paper store that catches my eye each time I pass it by.

  1. the products in the window
  2. the amazing hair of the young woman behind the counter. No joke! Her hair is amazing. It’s blonde-ish, curly, and all over a bit crazy. I have hair envy for sure.

I popped in once to browse and she looked up.

Next time we walked by, I complimented her on her hair. That at least got a smile and a bit of a friendly reaction.

Next time we walked by I waved and smiled when she looked up. I got a smile but there was not a nod of recognition or much more than the minimum.

I’m really trying here!
(What’s wrong with this picture anyway?! I’m a potential customer and I’m making concerted efforts to connect. That’s bass-ackwards.)

The fourth stroll Jeff and I both went in (we’re not stalkers, these walk by’s are differing days. It’s common here to meander in the evening, shopping and people watching). It was nearing the end of our stay and we were on the prowl for gift possibilities.

Remember, I’ve been in this place 2-3 times already. We didn’t notice that there was more store than what was visible from the street. AND, no one told, or directed, us.

We walked through the front and discovered another room with amazing things. This was a gallery too! There was a floor below the street front store, and then AGAIN another floor below that! It was a maze of sorts that we had no idea was even there.

An older gentleman spoke with us, let us know the amazing hair woman was his daughter, and then told us about the paper we were looking at.

Granted, we have hand pressed, cool, artsy fartsy paper with rough edges and cute envelopes in the states.

I didn’t need to spend 10-13 Euro on ten little note-cards the size of my palm.

Because we were looking at them he proceeded to tell us where they were made, tell us it was where watermarking first began, and helped us discover these beautiful watermarked papers that were right in front of us! They looked plain as milk-toast just sitting there on the display. Neither of us would have ever known to hold them to the light to discover some beautiful watermarking. They were little works of art.

I’m telling you, this made me want to purchase something in Italy that I could get at home.

Why would I want to spend money on something I could easily get in the states?

I would have to make room in my suitcase, hope it didn’t get smashed, and pack it all the way home.

Why would I be tempted?

Because he created a memory for us, embellished our experience, gave us some nearby history, and made me want to pay for tiny torn paper cards.

His amazing hair daughter could learn a thing or two. Actually, if I were him. I’d fire my daughter.

How can you, or your employees enhance someone’s experience?

Use story.
Tell tales.
Share your knowledge.

It might be about a local sight to see; it might be a story about a client you helped feel their very best. Either way, tell a story. People learn and remember through story. Jesus did it! It works. It creates an experience for your customer that they’ll remember. That’s how you set your business apart from the competition.


Tell me your favorite story about your business. I’d love to share it with my readers and I’m sure they would love to hear it too.

What drives you? Why do you love what you do? 

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