Customer Experience Success Guide Step 5!

The last but not the least! This is one of the most vital steps to keep your happy customer engaged with you, returning over and over, and referring others to your business.

What happens when your customer makes their purchase and walks out the door? Is your business out-of-sight out-of-mind? Most of the time the answer to that question is YES. It’s a yes until the customer needs/wants more of what you’re offering.

What influences customer behavior?

At this point you HOPE your customer returns. Their choice of where they shop is determined by a number of things:

  • Is your product the best they can get?
  • Are you convenient?
  • Does your customer feel any loyalty to you?
  • Do they remember you?

Hopefully by now as you’ve taken a walk through the four steps this month and your business is Bang On in the Customer Experience department. Now, how do you keep your business in the forefront of your customer’s radar AFTER they leave your place?

There are SO MANY things vying for your customer’s attention. Distractions are all over the place. Other businesses are trying hard to nab your customer from you. How hard are you working to keep that customer?

It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

Office of Consumer Affairs

It’s smart business to keep your existing customers. It REALLY pays to keep your target market, top 20% customers.

Ask, Answer, & Analyze

When your customer walks out your door does any branding go with them? A branded bag, coffee cup, etc.

When they are at home, are you there in their IN box and Social Media page(s)?

Are you following up when they are away from your business?

Ideas to Engage Your Customer Outside of Your Business

  • Thanking them for coming in
  • Birthday or anniversary specials
  • Rewards programs
  • Exclusive invitations to events
  • Informing them of specials, news, upcoming events, etc.

When your customer walks out the door, don’t just drop them like a hot potato. There are numerous ways to keep them engaged with you after they leave. You want your customers to think about you when they’re at home, when they’re out and about, even when in a competitors place of business.

It’s in your best interest for your customers to feel-the-love, outside your doors.

This part of the Customer Experience is a really fun one. When a business does reach out to me after I’ve left, it leaves an impression.

Personal Story

A recent example hit home really hard.

Our kitty went on a fast decline of kidney failure after getting an infection. It was awful. My husband earned the title of Amazing Cat Daddy Extraordinaire because he was administering to kitty subcutaneous fluid every other day with an IV drip while I was out of town. This little puff was an AWESOME cat.

When it came time to make the call for some angels of mercy to ease his suffering, we didn’t want to have to take him out of our home. We wanted to hold him on our couch, loving on him and comforting him to the very end.

Our vet couldn’t fit us in and time was urgent so Jeff and I made some calls elsewhere.

The two compassionate women who came over to our home were from a vet hospital that we used briefly years ago.

They were helpful, patient, understanding, gracious, and made the experience for kitty (and us) as easy as possible. Then they left.

Even though it’s not the loveliest of examples, we are their customers. When they left, they’re out-of-sight, out-of-mind. We don’t have another animal at this moment.

What they did next so touched Jeff and I that you can bet your boots that the next pet we have will be under their care.

Remember, they were not our primary vet. We literally had not been to their office for years.

Touch Point AFTER our Experience

A little over one week after kitty’s death, in the mail arrived a condolence card. I swear, every one of the staff members wrote a note in it, not just the two women who came to our home. I was reduced to tears again when reading these personal, handwritten notes and quotes.

This event lands solid into my top five best examples of reaching out to a customer and enhancing the Customer Experience. They were thinking about our experience AFTER we had interacted. They anticipated a need that they could help fill.

In a big way, their business is in our minds while we’re in the comfort of our home.

How is your business in your customer’s mind when they leave your store?

Excited to have you brainstorm with your staff how to reach out to your customers when they leave your business! You’re bound to make a fantastic impression.

Shoot me your examples of experiences that touched you AFTER you left the business. Love to hear and share!

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