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Business owners are busy! I coach and do some consulting work with some phenomenal women business owners that are simply on fire. Their businesses are growing leaps and bounds. They’re are creatives that are killing it. However, it can be overwhelming to keep ahead of the game.

You may find yourself is a similar position. You’re growing! It’s exciting. However, you need to create more margin or you’re on your way to burn out or an ulcer. Breakneck is not a sustainable speed.

The answer to freeing up time lies in answering two questions:

  1. What questions am I answering a lot?
  2. Where do I find myself repeating a script?

Time Management in Business

For Trina, owner of Mt. View Orchards, we found a way to educate potential customers, answer questions by using tools that work for her 24/7.

One of  Trina’s businesses on the farm included the creation of a wedding venue. It’s nestled in the heart of the orchard with a phenomenal view of Mt. Hood.

Trina could field the questions herself each and every time a bride calls about her venue. At first, that’s what happened. When are you open? How many can you accommodate? Is there shelter? Can we bring our own caterer? Etc. etc.

Fielding the same 20 questions each time a potential client calls is not an efficient use of time.

Besides creating an event venue, she is building a tasting room for the hard cider they’re producing from the farm, planting, getting the farm stand ready, and running a 50-acre farm. Time is valuable!

I wanted to create a guide that would work for her when she’s sleeping; something that works 24/7.

Brides might be searching at 1:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m.! Instant answers are not only gratifying for the customer, but more profitable for a business.

We want to use tools that work 24/7 to educate and move a potential customer through the process in order to see if we’re a good fit.

The goal is that by the time a bride calls, they’re already educated about the venue and they’re a highly qualified lead.

We created a guide that frees up her time AND educates potential brides. You can see it here.

Creation of this education piece helps to educate clients about the venue before the client actually meets with Trina for a tour.

In the PDF we answered questions clients have (and even ones they didn’t know to ask).

You can do the same for your business when you ask the two questions above.


  • It creates consistency with her clients.
  • It creates an educational system for potential clients before personal contact.
  • It filters, and qualifies, leads before they reach her in box.
  • She’s more confident clients know the information they need to know.
  • Saves valuable time!

When you’re the business owner, thinking like the customer isn’t easy. Sometimes we have what’s called the “curse of knowledge”.

If you’d like help, that’s what I love to do (and I do it well). Give me a jingle! Let’s work together to help your business grow efficiently! info@kaizen.zone




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