Sanity in Your Workspace

Do you need an epiphany hack for the organizing of your desk (and by default, your life)? Does your desk look like a chaotic, overwhelming place that you want to avoid, or, a place that invites you in to a marvelous sanctuary where you can create, grow, and get shit done?

Currently, my desk looks confused. On one area, I have the correct organization in my vertical file, in another area, the piles are creeping back. This is a state of confusion, not a state of creativity.

I used to be a piler. (Obviously from my desk the words “used to be” are not 100% accurate.)

I would pile things onto my desk. Man-oh-man I could pile with the best of them! These were organized looking piles too. They were neat and tidy, and they multiplied. I was a multiple piler (it’s a noun and a verb – ha!!).

My desk piles contained all sorts of important things! They housed reading and marketing materials, to do items, correspondence, bills, etc. If you’re a piler you know.

I’d even go through my piles and rework them from time to time. I’d need to look for something-or-other and do some pile ‘reorganizing’.

My life changed one morning during a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting. The guest speaker was a professional organizer, Megan Spears, owner of Disorder2Order. She spoke a phrase that changed my life! Yes, it changed my life. For a Type A person, this phrase (actually implementation of the phrase) really did change my life. It changed my workload, stress level, and beautified my workspace. Meagan said:

Horizontal is Hidden.
Vertical is Visual

Then she showed photos! That before picture looked very familiar to me. . . .

I was hooked. It made SO much sense! Of course, I knew that horizontal is hidden. I’m a piler. This was my world.

Megan talked about many things to help transition a desk into the vertical file organization system. It does take conscious and continuous effort. But it is worth it.

One item in particular that I loved, was creating, (my term), “the pesky magazine” section. With her system, there’s a space, a vertical space, for those magazines that we receive and need/want to read for business. They’re not usually top priority when they arrive but, rather, are set on the back burner for later. They’re important. but not immediately important.

Megan allows that magazine “section” to accumulate important reading material only until it begins to overflow it’s allotted space. That’s the cue that she has to schedule reading time. She schedules reading time, reads, and depletes the magazine vertical file. Simple yet brilliant.

You can create an invoice/bill vertical file if you pay your bills on specific dates, create a receipts file (YES!), and then files for projects and/or clients and so on.

The vertical files on my desk make life so much easier. I love it.

I’m not going to beat myself up for not thinking this up myself. Sometimes pointing out an obvious system is enough. Let’s copy what works, improves our productivity, efficiency, and get back to doing the things we love in our businesses.

At the beginning of my post I said that my desk currently looks to be in a state of confusion. Old habits creep back in and are difficult to change. Life is like that! It’s quite alright.

I’ll take some time today to remove that pile-up on my desk and bring some sanity back into my workspace.

Hope you enjoyed the tip! For more organizing tips, if you need some pervisit Megan’s website!



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