Ripping off the Bandaid

One of the benefits of hiring a business coach is that they (we, me. . .) can help you to rip that Band-Aid right off. Having someone looking from a 10,000 foot view and validating what you know in your gut is right, can be very helpful.

Being a business owner can be tough because you are in the thick of it. You can’t always see the forest through the trees. Most business owners that I know, myself included, did the slow Band-Aid pull when it came to employee firing.

There’s a tendency to correct the problem with the employee, which is good! But in my own case, and also with the clients that I’m working with, deep down, we know when we need to just rip it off. Get it over with. Let that wound air out and heal.

I had an employee that gave me little red flags here and there. I would receive feedback from some trusted guests and some employees about this or that thing regarding their co-worker. I would address these items in training thinking that they were behaviors that could be learned, trained, and corrected. Honestly, deep down I knew it wasn’t a good fit but I held on to this hope that change could happen. I was grasping at straws. I had a very definite staffing need and she was a warm body willing to do the work!

After nursing this problem along for quite a while it became more and more clear that this was not a good fit for either my employee or our business. We had to move on.

  • When I finally did rip that Band-Aid off there was an instant sense of relief among the rest of my staff.
  • Lo and behold they rose to the occasion to fill in the gap.
  • They were happier.
  • The underlying sense of tension was gone.

The tension had crept in ever so slowly I was actually in denial it was affecting the work place. I was wrong.

Recently, working with a new client I heard the exact same story. There was work to be done; a job that needed doing. The person was limping along, pseudo effective, but at least a warm body to do some work. Doing some work is better than no work, right?

Turns out the answer to that question is no. The owner experienced the same result that I experienced. When he finally did let this person go, miraculously everything on the floor operated so much more smoothly and efficiently! Surprisingly the work was still getting done. They were running a skeleton crew, yet still keeping up with production.

It’s amazing what happens when we create an environment that’s positive.

Happy people are productive people.

If, in your gut, you know of a band aid that needs ripping off, I encourage you to trust your gut. It doesn’t have to be an employee, it might be a customer that you need to call, a job that you botched. Do it sooner rather than later. Don’t prolong the suffering; get after it.

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