Managing Your Customer Experience – what’s the big deal?

Not to sound crass but frankly, managing your Customer Experience makes you money. If you’re not making money, you’re not in business. Most definitely be passionate about your product or service, about adding value to people’s lives. Also understand that making money is one of the indicators that your business is having an impact.

If you need a more altruistic reason (better yet, combine both reasons!), managing your Customer Experience increases employee job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and creates a ripple effect of kindness that reaches well beyond the doors of your business.

“In commerce, customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship.” Wikipedia

If you don’t want to manage and continually improve your Customer Experience do this instead:

  • Set up a Mexico vacation fund at your local bank.
    • Put your competitors name on the account.
      • Start depositing money into that account.
        • Heck, send them a brochure because you’re not going.

“… companies who successfully implement a Customer Experience Strategy achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer churn, and increased revenues.”

74% say that Customer Experience impacts loyalty

40% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience

59% of customers switch brands due to poor experiences

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Customer Experience is about the interaction between your organization and your customer during the course of your relationship with them.

It’s any time that the customer comes into contact with your business (touchpoints). It can include:

  • Your Brand
  • How Your Brand is Presented on Digital Platforms
  • Your Product or Service
  • The Way You Build or Create Your Products
  • Who You Hire
  • Management & Training of People You Hire
  • Etc.

That’s a bunch! It can be overwhelming for certain. Many businesses focus on producing a great product, branding, creation of the brand . . . the ‘sexy’ stuff. I call this the low hanging fruit. They’re low hanging fruit because they’re fun! Who doesn’t like creating the logo or website or geeking out about the product? Most owners find this part of owning their own business to be very exciting.

They neglect focusing on the hiring, training, and customer interaction portion of their Customer Experience. Why? For the most part, these items are not dealing with the unpredictability of people.

Hiring, Managing, Training, Customer Interaction: All of these things introduce the wild card of people. They’re challenging! They require continual effort. This is why so many businesses fail miserably at the “service” portion of the Customer Experience.

“It is the most challenging work, in part, because it’s dynamic and changing.”


When you, as a business leader, ‘get it’ and address the people portion of the Customer Experience, you are creating a distinct market advantage for your business. The benefits are long term and far reaching.

Your business will survive economic downturns because your customers are loyal, your employees are invested, they are all on the same team. That team is ensuring the long term success of your business.

How do you begin? You already have! Raising awareness is an excellent step. You’re well on your way. Resource one, click here. Resource two, click here.

 “. . . people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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