Learning (Stealing) from the Big Boys

I love to pilfer big business. They spend thousands of dollars on market research, development, and implementation. Small businesses owners simply don’t have that kind of capital, (or time), to do this kind of extensive research. But, we CAN piggyback onto their investments!

One of my most favorite things to do is to see what big businesses are doing, steal, modify, scale, and implement these things into small businesses.

Why reinvent the wheel when we don’t have to?

Why NOT learn from others who have invested much more time and money than us?

Didn’t someone say that the highest form of flattery is mimicking? Something like that. . .

Our big business example for today is the Golden Arches.

Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order? Would you like ____ with that?

McDonalds trains people to follow script. Why? Multiple Reasons:

  • They’re controlling the narrative of their business by utilizing a script
  • They’re training their employees to sell. Specifically, they’re using the power of suggestion, a question, to up-sell fries!
  • Scripts allow employees to focus not on the task, but rather to instead focus on the person in front of them (see below).

Stay with me here. It doesn’t matter if you like McDonalds or not, the important thing is to look at WHAT they’re doing, WHY they’re doing it, and figure how to modify and apply it to small and mid-sized businesses.

Scripts are a vital part of training your employees. No, they won’t sound rote and robotic IF the purpose of training the script is to enable employees to focus on the needs of the customer.

If all you’re training is a robotic narrative, then employees will sound sterile and impersonal. Customers will feel like they’re just a cog in the wheel. We don’t want that.

Training a script helps to lay a foundation for your employees to know the task so well that they no longer focus on the task, but rather focus on enhancing service. Customers who feel valued, noticed, appreciated, and served well will become loyal to you.

If, as owners, we only train the script, we’re missing the boat. We’ve got to train the purpose of learning the script.

Learn the script, insert personality, train to notice, read, and serve the person standing in front of the employee.

When we empower employees to:

  • focus on the customer
  • read the customer
  • see the customer and serve them, as an individual person –

amazing things happen!

Employees feel empowered to become a valuable, individual contributor, not a replaceable robot.

Customers feel noticed, valued, and become loyal to your business.

Your employee turnover decreases, your business growth and customer satisfaction increase.

What’s not to love about that?

When we learn to see and serve the ones in front of us, we can truly change the world.



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