Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!

If you and your employees are not doing this, you’re missing the boat. You’re not giving your best first impression and missing an opportunity to increase profits and make someone’s day.

To whom does this apply?

  1. Customer Service Staff – Interacting face to face with your customer
  2. Employee to Employee – It’s an attitude game changer!
  3. Supervisor to Employee – and visa versa


  1. Makes People Feel Welcome
  2. Puts People in a Good Mood
  3. Makes People Feel Valued
  4. Honors People
  5. Communicates to Your Customer: “we’re SO delighted that you’re here!”
  6. Prompts an “Attitude Adjustment” if needed. . .
  7. Sets the Stage for Excellent Customer Reviews and Repeat Visits

What is it?? It’s simple but not natural for everyone. It has to be trained, taught, reinforced, and shown through example.

It’s this:
Look people in the eye and smile.

Yup. That’s it.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Seems obvious, yes? Yet more often than not when I enter a place of business it does not happen.

Looking a customer (or fellow co-worker) in the eye and smiling has TREMENDOUS benefit for your team and for the profitability of your business.

  • Connecting with People on a Personal Level (raise the heads from the cell phones)
  • Makes Customers Feel Valued and Important
  • Trains Your Staff to be Ready to Serve from Moment #1
  • Customers Feeling Valued by You Translates to Increased Revenue

This article is a great read for understanding the difference between a REAL and a FAKE smile. (Plus you get to look at Clooney. What’s not to like about that?) Everyone can spoke a “faker”. You sure don’t want your customers to feel that your staff is disingenuous…

I’ve nabbed a few photos from Jay Weinsteins photo project, “so I asked them to smile”. It’s a fabulous example of what a smile can do for your approach-ability.

Who would you rather have greet you when you enter a place of business?




Click here to see Jay’s photos and here for the video. DEFINITELY use this video training with your staff; it will be fun! Lets train our staff to make our businesses a place where people feel welcomed. The rewards are endless!

“Peace begins with a smile.”

~ Mother Teresa

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