How to Partner Correctly to Boost Your Fan Base

Are you looking to grow your audience and increase your business without throwing money at random advertising?

An excellent way to accomplish this goal without spending scads of money is to partner with a complimentary event or business.

To be clear: I’m not saying to partner with any-old-business. No sir. Choosing the business or event to partner with is vitally important.

Complimentary to Your Client Base

The business or event you choose to partner with or promote should be one that your clientele would frequent. You should feel confident that your customers will love the other business or event.

Neiman Marcus wouldn’t have McDonalds cater an event but a Health Coach might partner with a Natural Food store and put on a cooking class. Get it?

When you and the business or event partner up, you both begin promoting. You promote them. They promote you. Your clients will learn about them through you. Their clients will learn about you through them. Someone else is tooting your horn. It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’ve chosen a complimentary business correctly (please use business and event synonymously here on out), their customers will become your customers and visa versa.

When you’ve chosen a complimentary business, synergy comes into play. You’ve just “hired” a PR firm to promote you. When the other businesses customers come to your establishment, they’ll turn into great clients for you.

Partnering correctly increases your business.

Why is it SO important to make sure you’re partnering with a complimentary business?

Why not partner with any old business?

One of the most inexpensive and highly returnable investments is to get your top 20 (or 50 or 100…) customers to recommend you. These customers fit you and you fit them. These customers socialize, know, and work with people that are similar to themselves.

Tap into that network. Use the third-party credibility card that your customers are giving to you and play it to great advantage!

Companies hire celebrities and athletes to recommend or endorse their products or service all of the time. Product placement happens in the TV shows and movies that we watch. Big companies and industries use, and benefit from, third-party credibility all of the time and you should too. The correct partnership does this for you.

You absolutely don’t want new customers that are not a good fit for your business. Not all business is good business.

Get out there and connect!

  • It’s fun (because business owners can tend to become isolated).
  • You meet great entrepreneurs.
  • Fresh ideas flow from partnerships.
  • You become inspired and think out of the box.
  • New customers come to your business.
  • You capitalize on synergy.
  • Increased revenue and exposure are excellent rewards.

I’m excited to see what partnerships have been successful for you. (Or shoot me an example ‘fail’. We can learn from that too.) Let me know!

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