Hitting the Jackpot

Roll with me here (a pun!). Today, think about your business like a Vegas Casino. It seems upon entering a casino that there’s no way out. I swear, they’re a maze you cannot escape. Maybe the door shifts down through the floor when you enter so if you were to turn around the entrance is gone. In its place there’s a fabulous shiny machine with colors, bells, and music, and it draws you right in . . .

Your business goals are hopefully a bit loftier and not quite so nefarious as to prey on addiction, but the mission is the same.

  • Anticipate your customers needs at every turn
  • Satisfy them
  • Point your customer to the next thing you want them to do or experience

The majority of Customer Experience mapping is done in linear form. There’s so much great information on maps, if you’re seeking to find it. Almost always we can find a useful tidbit in a presentation or diagram to apply to business.

What I am not to keen on regarding the linear map is that it gets us thinking that our customer has an entrance and an exit point in the relationship with our business. Let’s simply tweak this linear thinking for a moment.

You’ve most likely spent loads of money and time defining your niche, what makes your business special, figuring out your perfect customer profile, defining what they are looking for and how they are looking, Customer acquisition costs are much higher than customer retention. If you’ve spent so much finding the right customer, let’s keep them in the loop!

“It’s 6-7 times more expensive for companies to attract new customers than to keep existing customers.” Kolsky

It’s a beautiful thingfinding the perfect match (both for you and your customer). From a business standpoint this is like hitting the jackpot at the slots. Why?

Because your perfect match customer is friends with, and has colleagues, that are very much like themselves.

The likelihood that their friends and colleagues will be a perfect match for your business is VERY HIGH.

 So, back to that Vegas casino model.

  • Anticipate your customers needs.
  • Satisfy them.
  • Direct them to the next product, experience, or action within your company.

I’m not trying to be shifty here.

If I choose a specific casino I want to be there. I’m excited! I’m in the casino on the slots and after I’ve spent my $5 I’m looking for the next thing. Might be people watching, might be the blackjack table, oh look, some food, maybe I’m hungry. Look there on the table, there is a cool show happening in about 30 minutes. That sounds great! I’m happy. I’m satisfied. They are filling my needs and desires, anticipating what I’d like to do next, and keeping me in their casino, spending money.

Your business can steal and modify this business model while enriching your customers experience. Anticipate what your customer will want next. Know what you’d like them to do (maybe bring in referrals or schedule a follow up appointment?) and easily direct them there. Keep them in your ‘casino’. Rather than favoring the house and fleecing them for money, I’m sure your business goals are much more lofty in nature.

Don’t gamble with your Customer Experience (HA! Another pun). Contact me and we can up the odds in your favor. (Geez. So corny. . . )

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