Game Changers Unite!

Do you want to lead your team to be Game Changers? How is this even possible with the current (seemingly) saturation of divisiveness, anger, mistrust, and fear that seems to be pervading our society now? How can your team make a splash that will change the tide in society? It’s possible.

Small businesses are uniquely positioned to make a gigantic impact.

If we look, there are glimmers of this game changing behavior all around us. You know them.

They’re the employees at your local coffee company that know who you are, you look forward to seeing them and being served by them.

It’s the waiter or waitress whose table you request.

It’s the business owner who comes in to greet you at dinner and thank you for coming in.

Because of these people you feel seen.

You feel valued.

You choose these places of business and frequent them.

Imagine YOUR entire team of employees delivering this type of experience to your customer, over and over again, consistently on their A game.




Your business would explode!

Truth is, you CAN train your employees to be game changers. Key word here: TRAIN

“Oh bugger Samantha. You’re a killjoy.”

I got you all in an excited frenzy, ready to drink the Kool aide. Then I went and said TRAINING.

But it’s not as horrid as you think, AND the benefits are completely worth it. Let’s begin with step one: The Script

“GAWD, now you’re killing me Samantha!! A script is so blah, dry, and uninteresting.”

Fear not! Starting with a script is most excellent for these reasons:

  • It allows your staff to let their personality shine through.
  • It empowers them to be more independent.
  • It gives them purpose and direction.
  • It gives them the confidence of knowing they’ve got the important stuff covered (name, date of visit, credit card, details of stay, etc.) and allows them to truly listen to the customer.
  • It enables your staff to SEE your customer. (See above. Remember the benefits?)

If your team is focused on the task at hand, they’re not focusing on the person they’re to be serving and this is where the fun stuff happens! Only after knowing their script (and some other stuff) can they become true game changers. When staff knows the ‘details’ they can focus on the guest with all their attention.

They learn their repeat customer’s name. They can ask questions about the reason for the hotel stay or coffee shop visit. They’re able to read the customer to know what, if anything, that they’re saying is peaking the customers interest. They NOTICE people.

This happens with training. Training the script!

It really can be fun to do. Loosen up, get a little goofy, play with it! Heck, show this, and the last blog post to your staff and come up with a script together! Better that they be on board with creation if you’re just implementing. They’ll understand why you’re doing it.

Start by asking your team these questions:


  1. What greeting reflects our business?
    E. Welcome to _____ may I take your order? (Sound familiar?? The big boys do it, let’s copy the idea.)
    Good Morning! May I help you?
    Yo, what’s up!?
  2. What important information do we always need to communicate?
    Do we need to know if the guest is a returning guest? If so, have a plan for both answers, the yes answer and the no answer.
  3. What do we want the customer to do (purchase)?

This will get your team started.

Question 1: Gets them to buy into, and catch, your vision.

Questions 2: Gets them thinking about the guest.

Question 3: Helps them to understand they have a dual purpose (to serve and to sell!)

Let me know if you have tweaks on this format and what has/hasn’t worked for you in the past! Can’t WAIT to hear about it. Let’s get busy being Game Changers!


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