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How do we begin creating a solid structural foundation providing consistent training for our employees? A foundation that gives them purpose, controls your branding and messaging, a foundation that allows them to ‘listen’ to the customer and be focused on the customer rather than being focused either inwardly or on the task at hand?

The Jackson 5!! The perfect song to frame our steps.

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First, let’s ask these questions:

  • What do customers want?
  • What will bring them back AND, more importantly, motivate them to bring their friends and colleagues?


Consistency in two areas:

Product and Experience

Most of us have the consistent product thing down. After all, the majority of small business owners start businesses because they’re excited about the product, they’ve built a better mousetrap, they’ve got a great something-or-other.

So, let’s focus on the Experience.

I’ve simplified and reconfigured the traditional Customer Journey Map into a pie shape. I don’t like the implication that the linear map implies. It implies that customers enters then exits your business. I much prefer the example of a Vegas casino. You enter and can’t seem to leave. . . . HA!

When you enter your needs are anticipated and met at every turn. You’re happy, satisfied, and, all the while, discovering something new and fun about the casino that you want to experience.

These four pieces of pie in the diagram are Touchpoints. Touchpoints are any time a customer interacts with your business.

This is a short blog and I need to deliver on the title: Easy as 1,2,3, so we’ll dive quickly into the Employee section.

It’s the most difficult section because it’s ever-changing. Employees lives are dynamic. It’s no secret that this effects your business.

Who hasn’t had an employee drag his/her personal life into business?

How do we, owners, trainers, and managers, get employees to (as much as possible), leave the personal drama at home and come to work ready to serve?

What are the foundational building blocks we need to teach them to be successful, understand their purpose, and be ambassadors for your business?


I promise this sounds easy.




This is a very weak muscle that needs to be trained, practiced, and practiced again and again. It must become rote, not only with the customer, but with fellow employees, management, customers, vendors, etc.

The caveat is to train these three steps so that they happen automatically with the very first person your employee sees upon entering work.

  1. Eye Contact

  2. Smile

  3. Greeting (one that reflects your business)


Not easy.


  • Employees uplift one another
  • Work mindset begins in the parking lot
  • Far less self-centered inward focused drama upon entering the workplace
  • Employees have a greater understanding of service
  • Employees have a greater sense of purpose in the workplace
  • Kindness spreads through your entire business (including the parking lot)
  • General mood is heightened (your customers can feel it)

I cannot stress how important these three steps are to begin with. They are the foundational building blocks to training employees to provide a positive consistent customer experience.

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