Cultivating Your Employees to be Influencers

Do you want your employees to perform ‘on point’ even when you’re not around? Of course! How do you help this happen? Do you need to set up remote video monitoring stations? No, that would be absurd and be counterproductive to the type of environment you’d want to create. (Although sometimes its tempting. . . ).

There are many facets to employee training, sorry, there’s not one silver bullet. However, here is a stellar example of a business creating an environment where their employees are more than baristas, they’re influencers.

The hubs and I went to the beach for a much needed get a way. He’s a coffee drinker and we were on the hunt, so headed into the touristy beach town. Driving down the main drag I spotted, what looked like, a local. Bingo. I rolled down my window and asked him if he had a couple locally owned shops he could recommend. He gave us two.

First shop was located on the main drag (location!), had great coffee, a line out the door, and not much seating. Second shop was off the beaten path, smaller line, great coffee, and ample seating. The vibe in these two places was different, not merely because of the seating. As I looked about I began to notice what was so different about the ‘feeling’ in this place.

Baristas in both places were busy, but one coffee shop had an edge. The ‘off the beaten path’ coffee shop needed, in part because of it’s out of the way location, to get a leg up on the competition and excel in this small-town marketplace.

Staff was different. We felt ‘served’ and ‘seen’. It’s a brief interaction that you have when ordering coffee, and the second shop maximized that interaction time to their benefit. They utilized the time customers spent in the shop when they were NOT interacting with staff.  As I looked around, I noticed how they created a workplace to attract employees gifted in hospitality (see this blog).

They also celebrated their employees and customers publicly, showing a glimpse of their personalities and recommendations. These employees are expected to know about their town and of places their customers might like to visit. Brilliant! We all know that asking a local can give you the best insights to discover those off-the-beaten (or guidebook) path. Notice how the local even recommends a touristy place! “The Fratelli’s hideout. Go see if Sloth needs a Baby Ruth.” (Hilarious! He calls his friend Sloth. It’s not a real sloth. How many free candy bars does he receive. . .)

We used some of these recommendations and were very happy with the results.

We also felt like we could ask anyone working at this coffee shop about local sights, etc. No need waiting until the Info. Kiosk to open or wasting time trying to find great haunts on our own. We were out the door exploring bright and early.

Win for this coffee shop. They’ve positioned themselves to be an excellent reference for customers. We’ll definitely be back.

Businesses who want to improve their Customer Experience could easily implement something similar, even highlight their favorite service or product from your business.

Tailor to your brand, help employees shine and have fun watching your business grow.

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