2019: Killing it or Overwhelmed Already?

We’re three weeks into 2019. Are you inspired or intimidated by what you see others doing?

Blogs, books, podcasts, networking, social media – they make it look like everyone has their shit together.

These glitzy, shiny people magically managed the holidays, reviewed their 2018 life and work goals, put up and took down holiday decorations, entertained family and friends, waltzed into parties looking amazing, maybe gained a few pounds but are now already back at the gym, have year-end reports ready for their accountant, set goals for this year, and started tackling 2019 like a machine.

If you are killing it already in 2019, kudos!! Keep up the good work. You’re inspiring!


Maybe you’re feeling a bit guilty about your goal setting (or lack thereof). . .

Maybe you’re still recovering from the holidays. . .

Maybe sugar and alcohol are a bit more difficult to shake than you previously thought.

Maybe works feels more like drowning than an organized zen state.

Don’t worry. You’re more normal than you think!

Need a little boost? There’s no better time than right now to push reset. We still have 11 months remaining for 2019!

Here’s a mantra for 2019:

Take Imperfect Action

Laying out some strategic goals for your year will focus your efforts, help you clarify what’s important, and increase your productivity and profit.

Here’s a link to a little something that will help you get on track.

Block yourself 15 minutes of uninterrupted time before you click this link!

Enjoy. Shoot me a note and share your success!


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