Communities Creating Connection Fighting COVID

Right now, what’s inspiring and motivating me? The connections that are happening in our communities while fighting the COVID virus. Incredibly moving and inspiring. The closing of businesses along with the messaging that I see on the windows is both heart-breaking and heart-warming. The strength, solidarity, and support that our…

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Don’t Be a Bosshole

Don’t Be a Bosshole, read Work Happy, what great bosses know by Jill Geisler and you’re sure not to become a bosshole! Great insights and tools for leaders.

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Is There a Cost to Hospitality?

What is the cost benefit or detriment associated with hospitality? Does it really matter that much if we aren’t inspiring and equipping our staff in the art of hospitality? When people think about hospitality it’s often just associated with a hotel stay or going to someone’s home. If you’re a…

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