About Me

What can I do for you and why am I qualified to do it?

Masters of Arts in Teaching

13 years teaching middle school kids and loved it! I understand that you, a business owner, are not necessarily excited about teaching your employees. Most likely you’re excited about your business, this is why you’ve started it!

Teaching effectively is a skill. This is done through stories, examples, practice, and engaging as many learning modalities as possible.

I’m here to help bridge the gap for you. I’ll teach what you want your staff to learn.

Historic Hotel Restorer/Owner/Operator

Historic Balch Hotel, Dufur, Oregon. What a blast! After a year of restoration work we opened the hotel with no existing clientele (hadn’t been open as a hotel since the 40’s). We built a very loyal clientele and received the highest rating possible on Trip Advisor.

The reason for this is grounded firmly in providing amazing customer service. The Customer Service Experience begins well before the customer actually walks through the door.

I understand first hand the challenges, pressures, and victories that come with running a business. Combine this with a voracious appetite for learning and teaching and you have a valuable resource on your team that’s passionate about helping your business thrive.

Business Coach – Kaizen Coaching LLC

Through working with businesses ranging from wedding venues to auto shops, I’m passionate about helping my clients succeed.

If you’re interested in seeing how we can team up, shoot me an email and we can begin the conversation!

I’m direct, honest, encouraging, yet a genteel whip-cracking coach.

I work with business owners who want to continually improve and who already pursue knowledge through books, seminars, continuing ed., videos, etc. If that describes you, then let’s connect.

Phenomenal customer service is one of the most challenging jobs that is very much underutilized.

Front line customer service employees, whether at your front desk or front counter, are always selling your vision. These people have a direct impact on your success, your reputation, your profitability. They also have the power to make real connections, even briefly, every day.

In this current time of angst, increased hostility, and disconnecting from one another, these front line employees can make our world a kinder, more tolerant, accepting, and enjoyable all while increasing your business growth!

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