About Me


I’m a direct, honest, encouraging, yet a genteel whip-cracking business coach.

I assist motivated but overwhelmed business owners solve their growing pains and gain some time freedom by helping to develop systems that transfer what’s in their heads into teachable lessons for their employees.


When developing and growing my passion project of restoring a historic hotel (www.BalchHotel.com) then opening it as a wedding venue and boutique hotel, I was fueled the first years on excitement and passion! 10+ hour days were a breeze and commonplace. I didn’t care, wasn’t tired, and loved every minute of it. I’ll call this my “dating phase”.

10+ hour days is fine for a while, but not sustainable long term if I was going to have a healthy marriage, body, and friendships.

As my business quickly grew, I found myself moving from being able to do most everything, to needing to hire help; there was no longer time to get it all done myself.

Being very particular about execution of my vision and, most importantly, hospitality (you can live and die by reviews!), I was reluctant to give up control.

You may find yourself in this growth/dating stage. It can feel isolating, like you’re drowning, and even a bit chaotic. There is good news! Through trial, input from my fantastic team, and many revisions, I was able to create training systems that took what was in my head and turned it into usable, workable, effective training for my ‘old’ employees and new hires.

What a relief it was to be able to confidently give up some tasks. It allowed me to transition from working IN my business to working ON my business.

Applying my teaching background (Masters of Arts in Teaching + 13 years’ experience) to my business proved to be invaluable. Staff learned faster, we had some fun training, our core value of hospitality, and my vision was not compromised.

As a result, our business grew with wonderful customer reviews. It was very satisfying to bring a vision to fruition and put a small town, pop 650, 2 hours from a metropolitan city, on people’s map as a destination.

Tools for You

I’ve created the blog for numerous reasons:

  • to help overwhelmed business owners gain some life back
  • to inspire entrepreneurs to tackle Customer Service training with staff and not leave this key component of success to chance
  • to share some of the training principals we used
  • to create a community of like minded learners and go-getters
  • to connect business owners so we can share resources, wins, and struggles
  • to inspire, motivate, and encourage business owners
  • to share some of my horrific bloopers and also some great successes to help others
  • to help business owners understand the vital importance of hospitality and connecting people to people, face to face, eye to eye

How to Connect

I send out an e-newsletter each week with helpful tips, stories, and tools. Click HERE to join the group of business game changers!

I’d love to hear from you. What are your struggles, wins, etc.? What’s your business and where are you located? You can email me directly at info@kaizen.zone

P.S. If you’re new, here are a couple blog posts to get you going.

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  2. Seasonal Employees
  3. Story Time

P.P.S. If you’re interested in seeing how we can team up, shoot me an email and we can begin the conversation!

I work with business owners who want to continually improve and who already pursue knowledge through books, seminars, continuing ed., videos, etc. If this describes you, then let’s connect. info@kaizen.zone



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